Thailand: Hua Hin, last night with family

Yesterday was very relaxed. It was a nice change from the hustling around. We spent the day by the pool. I got a massage. Kids played. 

Gulf of Thailand beach selfie

We had one last night with Pon’s family so we went a little earlier to spend time with them and watch them cook Thai food. Ed, our driver and friend of the family, is a jack of all trades. He drives us places, acts as a tour guide, helps us order at restaurants and is an amazing cook. He should seriously open his own restaurant.

B and other driver, Jude, who is also a great cook

These may be the best things I have put in my mouth!

Hands down, best chicken wings ever

Then it was time to say goodbye. It was a long and sweet goodbye with hugs and tears. We have loved spending time with the Nilsonthi’s so much.

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