Thailand: Hua Hin 

I think it could be a bit redundant to show multiple pictures of lounging on chairs by a pool or walking on a beach so here are the highlights of our last portion of the vacation in Thailand at Hua Hin.

Hua Hin is a great place to vacation…beautiful views, delicious food, and great shopping.

Our typical day…

We went to a floating market a couple days ago but didn’t find a whole lot there. It was a fun experience though.

Tons of jellyfish (not sure if they sting or not) in the Gulf of Thailand…

Really great little cafe down the beach from our resort…

Last night we went to dinner at this beautiful restaurant with amazing atmosphere. After, we went to the Hua Hin Night Market that was filled with all kinds of booths filled with foods and local items. We loved it and plan to go back again.

Tonight we enjoyed another delicious dinner overlooking the water after a really peaceful rainstorm. 

Only 3 days left. Ryder has been saying he wants to stay in Thailand but now says he’s ready to get back home. Rigby is ready to see her friends. Tim could eat Thai food all day long. I am just so very grateful to have been given the opportunity for this amazing experience!  🙏🏻

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