Thailand: Last days and going home 

We loved the relaxation of our resort in Hua Hin but after a couple of days, we were ready to venture out. I love that my husband was a world traveler when we met and that we both love adventure and exploring. I want to instill this in my children. We went out of the resort and had a couple of really fun days around Hua Hin. 

We leave tonight on an 11:45pm flight to Frankfurt and the journey home begins.

I will be ready to see family, friends, our pups, the yoga studio and home. I have loved being in Thailand so much. The people are so kind and friendly. The food is amazing. The country is beautiful. Connecting with family was so wonderful and was my favorite part of the trip. They welcomed me with open arms and the realization that the language barrier is not so much of a barrier at all was beautiful. I will love to come back one day. 

Last couple days in Hua Hin…

We found a little hidden rock pool kids loved!

I loved The Family Tree fair trade local market store. They had a cafe associated just a couple of minutes down the street with delicious fresh and organic foods and smoothies. It reminded me of Wild Roots in Gulf Breeze.

Delicious and spicy fruit salad

Pon and Tim Thai dancing…. 😆

Monkey on wires…

Yoga at Shakti Yoga, owned by Yod Anusit Changcit, was wonderful. Yod and all of the students were so friendly. The class was challenging and fun. Yod gives great instruction and adjustments throughout class while also keeping a fun sense of humor. The class was very similar to a URU class in the structure and in his style of teaching. But I learned some new things and was so impressed with the class and how they could flow into what I consider to be very challenging postures for most students…bird of paradise, king pigeon and visvamitrasana to name a few. We did a lot of back bending which is not my strong area. He spoke to us at the end about listening to our bodies and learning ourselves through our breath and to know that we can do anything. If we tell ourselves we can’t, then we won’t ever. But if we keep practicing with a knowing that we can do anything, then we can within the framework of knowing that all bodies are different and some structures may be limited due to injury, etc. I will keep this in mind with my backbends. I do have a tendency to tell myself that deep back bending doesn’t work for me….but maybe it does. I highly recommend this studio!

I like how he incorporated partner yoga to help with alignment…

I met back up with Tim and the kids after yoga and we walked around and picked up a few more souveniers. We did not eat at McDonalds, but I just loved the Ronald McDonald!

Last dinner in Thailand…

Pack of puppies on the beach…

This morning Rigby wrote stories about crazy little monkeys 🐒 

Drive from Hua Hin to Bangkok airport…

Mountain looks like a person laying down

Lunch on the way…

These pictures do not accurately portray the extent of Bangkok traffic. It is known to have the worst traffic in the world and I believe it. Once we got to Bangkok, it took us over 2 hours to reach the airport.

But we made it….we will miss Jude and Ed. They became like family.

Now we head home…

Bangkok airport is beautiful and like a shopping mall for the rich and famous. 

Much love to Thailand. 🇹🇭❤️

Sawasdee Ka 🙏🏻

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