Hidden Spaces

Synchronicity…such a pretty word in and of itself. The letters in their varying shapes and sizes, the sounds they make on the tongue. It is a word with substance. To me, it is no wonder that this word embodies the Universal Spirit. Lately, I am finding a gathering momentum around synchronistic situations or rather, opportunities. The moments when there is no other emotional response other than wonder, Adbhuta, in the yogic philosophy Rasas. And funny, this is the one Rasa that I have trouble expressing unless I am in it. It is pure and raw and real. Can you imagine the feeling of connection to God/Universe/Self unless you reside within it? Can you understand the love of a child without being in that love?

In the moments when we are thinking of someone and they call, when I am studying something and then it shows up in sermons or yoga classes, when I connect with someone “randomly” only to find out we have the exact same challenge going on at the exact same time in life, and the list goes on and on with ever more specific details that are without a doubt impossible to be mere coincidence.

I feel these happening more and more lately and they are building like there is a message to be heard. Maybe my connection is growing stronger and this is how it shows up. Maybe I am listening deeper. Maybe I am finally hearing the whisper. So often we live on auto-pilot and we cannot hear others, certainly not our own self-talk and the voice of God feels hidden. But when we show up, it is amazing and awe-inspiring what is being “said” in our normal daily lives in acts that some people see as chance.

No doubt life continues to challenge, problems continue to go unresolved and suffering still occurs. For me, it has been those challenges, problems and suffering that has led to deep introspective work over the last few years. As someone I deeply respect says, “plowing the field to replant new seeds.” In that space of deep pain and hurt, I have reached out to find a deeper understanding of my Self. What I find is not always what I love to see, but it is honest. What I find, I am not always capable in the moment to heal but I am strong enough to look at it and in that awareness, I can hear what lies in the hidden spaces. In that space of living in awareness and hearing, synchronicity shows up. God tells me in those moments that I am heard, loved, supported, and reminded that I will be okay; the suffering will not last forever, keep moving forward, remain aware, be open and receptive, love, allow yourself to be loved, choose, know your power, be courageous, accept others and soften.

There are no coincidences. Each moment was divinely designed, we must take the steps. It is in the difficult steps that God shows up beside us to walk with us giving us courage, telling us when it is right. When it is not right, we know. We know in our bodies that tighten, in our minds that sense negativity, and deep in our hearts…our intuition, the deep Self, the Light, the Truth, or what I see as God. Synchronicity lies in the pause. We can only notice it when we allow ourselves that space….to notice that hidden space. And when we do, its like a breath of fresh air, and for me, I take that offered breath, and think, “awww, synchronicity….I just love that word.”IMG_5530

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