My Gurus

My gurus require that I wake early. They would like for me to wake at 4:30am. This is the best time for meditation practices. This is the time to cleanse and clear the body. They are relentless gurus, as gurus often are. They are asking much because they know that I am capable. Yes, I may feel tired all day but they continue to ask to instill inner drive and capacity. They ask for me to serve. I must serve them to fully understand love and devotion. And I do, I love my gurus. They teach me so much. They teach me love, compassion, service, acceptance, respect and to Be in the moment. They are masters of being fully present. They love unconditionally. They hold no grudges. They are steadfast and loyal. They exhibit tapas, burning drive and passion. They show me commitment to what they love and how persistence is key. We must stay focused and do what we love and our purpose day after day after day sometimes over and over and over again like a dog chasing a ball. They remind me that we can overcome anything no matter how adverse our situation may have been. They teach me resilience. They teach me contentment. I continue to learn each moment from my gurus. They teach me to trust my highest Guru, my Self. They soften me even in their strict requirements.

And they are absolutely adorable.IMG_5631IMG_5641IMG_5643

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