Truth to the Light

There was a time when we were absorbed in Light. We having been coming back to it for years…some for decades, others for centuries. We always come back. It calls us and we want to stay.  But we cannot. We have to continue to grow brighter and brighter and the only way is to continually learn. We knew the mistakes we made before and we know how to make them right. Existence in the physical world can be a difficult place but is a challenge we are ready to take on. We have done this before and there were some really difficult times, times that stood out more than the rest. But it is all worth it to come back to the Light. In it, there is peace, truth, and deep connection. It grows, changes color, and feels warm and complete. This is where we are meant to be and meant to stay… eventually. The time will come. There is still so much to understand. But it is the only thing there is. There is nothing else, nothing greater…nothing. IT is whole and complete and the only way to know it is to not know it at some point. Do we not understand something more fully after being mistaken, confused or lost? And then the light bulb turns on. The moment of, “Aha! Yes! Now I see.” This is the point.

We are zoomed into existence feeling unprepared. Yet, we made a choice before it all came to be and we had specific plans and goals. Maybe we knew as infants but didn’t have the ability to execute that knowing. Over time, things got muddled and we forgot. We forgot who we are and why we are here. Life happens, sometimes good, sometimes not so good and we drift further away from the truth. Our purpose is to remember.

Remembering can be instantaneous but for most takes many years if it happens at all. There are so many paths to remembrance. Some paths may be difficult, some may not seem to be going in any direction only to find they were the most direct path. The paths do not always reveal themselves for what they are. Some look dark and scary and tangled with knobby, twisted trees. Some may look bright and open with signs pointing, “This Way ”. But which road is ours and is there only one?

When we begin to listen to ourselves, we take the first steps. Getting to know who we are and why begins the process of authenticity and direction. Accepting and loving the way we are and then shedding the parts that are not true but instead barriers to protect our deepest Self. The truth is that our deepest Self does not need protection. Our deepest Self is fully capable of seeing everything clearly. This is one of our biggest confusions. We can see again when we break down the walls to our hearts and clear away the debris. And the view is beautiful and bright and loving.

We came here with specific gifts and talents to help us learn the lessons we needed to learn, to share that understanding and connect with others. We are all on this journey though we may be taking different roads. That is what is so beautiful and makes this world so full and rich in diversity. This is what helps us all deepen our understanding of the Divine, God, the Self, the Universe, the Source, or whatever term resonates with each individual.

Through expression we allow our roads to merge. It is our duty to share our gifts with the deepest expression of our highest Self. Expression brings connection to others and in it,  we bring the Light so that others can remember who they are because they will recognize it….it is of them too.

Every direction we set go was part of the plan even when we found ourselves in the dark, trapped by one of those knobby, twisty scary trees blocking the way. Each person in our life was chosen in the original plan, even though they may look dark and scary. They may be there for a short time or go the long road with us. The lesson is that we are not alone. We never intended to be. We chose it all…this place, in this time, with these people, in these circumstances.

Remembrance of who we are through self-knowledge, divine connection,
expression and sharing is our purpose.

This is my Truth. Through yoga, life-coaching, and clean health, I believe we come closer, if not to the Source of our being. My expression is through words….spoken and written, through movement in Yoga and clearing my body debris through healthy living. My dharma is to connect with those on my path for mine and their Remembrance. Our expressions will bring about that knowing. It is our duty to be authentic and expressive. This is what we intended…to make it back to the Light.

Self-knowing, remembrance, and empowerment through expression

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