Daily Prompt: What if you got the best news ever???

You get some incredibly, amazingly, wonderfully fantastic news. What’s the first thing you do?

Well this is a fun prompt and pretty insightful to look at the answer. My first thought is…”what would this incredibly, amazingly, wonderfully fantastic news be?”
Before I can know how I would react, I need to imagine the full scenario. For me, some incredibly, amazingly, wonderfully fantastic news would be to find out that:

(a) I had won the lottery…although this seems like it would also bring on a certain level of negative stress too

(b) that my family had won an expenses paid vacation all around the world for 1 year while my business would still thrive while I was gone

(c) that I had been chosen for some type of opportunity that would grow me professionally, personally and spiritually. Something like, “Kerry, we think you are the very best yoga teacher and life coach we have ever seen and we would like you to write a book that we will publish and you will go on tour around the world with your family (see choice (b) above) to promote this book which will include teaching yoga and sharing your wealth of knowledge and expertise”

I choose option (c)…I think this partly encompasses (a) and (b) and gives me a thrill just writing it. Not that I think I am worthy of such great news, or at least not quite yet considering I am still getting back into writing, not certified to life coach until February, etc. Publishing a book is a dream of mine so being asked to publish would be beyond the dream.

If I got a call one day with this wonderful news, the first thing I would do is verify the news. I would be skeptical and so would need to know this was not bogus. I would probably hang up the phone thinking it was a scam like the automated calls you get saying, “You’ve been chosen to take an all expenses vacation to….” and then I hang up.

Needless to say, this news would take some convincing. It may require a home visit from somebody like Brene Brown or Elizabeth Gilbert in which case that in itself would be great news to have them on my doorstep. If that were to happen, the first thing I would do is call my mom and probably stammer over my words. Then I would call Tim more composed and tell him what was happening. Being like me, he would likely ask a lot of questions to verify the news too. Next I would ask if I could take a selfie with whichever amazing woman had showed up to my door, because I would need proof in case they spontaneously disappeared.

It would be highly possible that I would then have a big moment of self-doubt and feel extremely unworthy and unprepared but since one of those amazing women would be in my presence, they would boost me up and then I would feel on top of the world and ready for the challenge.

I would immediately go into preparation mode and start planning my book and my tour and all the incredibly amazing things I would be sharing. Then I would post on Facebook, obviously.  I would talk to my tribe of people who support me and keep me grounded and aware. I would research all the wonderful places we would travel. I would make plans and shop for things we need. I would worry about things that probably shouldn’t be worried about. I would be filled with anticipation and excitement. I would be so filled up with energy that I would need to take hot power yoga class to release it. Then I would take a very restorative yoga class to settle the energy.  I would be all hot and relaxed so I would plan an evening to celebrate and rejoice in my great news.

I would do my research and go deep within myself for my book and for my teachings and would feel humbled. In my humility, I may wonder again, “why in the world did they choose me?!” so then I would verify the news and go through the whole routine again until the day I left.

I would remind myself that I was chosen because I am real. Like the people who inspire me, I am honest and humble and while my humility may bring on self -doubt at times, it keeps me grounded. I would remind myself that I have much to offer but I am also the same as all those who inspire me and who I may inspire. I would remind myself of the honor to serve and share anything I can and express what I have. I would remind myself that self-doubt only hurts ourselves and that our duty and God given purpose is to be authentic, honest and true.

Whether or not this news ever finds me, it teaches me that I can live each day as if I were given the greatest news. I can accept all the challenges that come my way with humility and exuberance, that I can take care of myself and celebrate my life. That I can share my gifts and reach out to others. That my tribe of support will keep me grounded when I need it. And when the day is over, I can wake up and do the whole routine again until the day I leave.


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